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Board of Directors and CEO

Jacaranda Housing is governed by a skill-based Board of Directors comprising of three housed tenant directors and independent directors. Our Board has many skills and experiences which are utilised to provide a high level of strategic planning for the continued growth of Jacaranda Housing.

Jacaranda is beginning an exciting period of growth, aimed at a robust financial future through implementing the Board approved Five-Year Growth Strategy in line with the DHPW ‘Partnering for Growth with the community housing sector.’

Our website is currently undergoing updates and maintenance and we will update this page shortly. Thank you for your interest and we encourage you to visit again. In the meantime, our current Director information.

Adrian Pisarski -Board Chair

Josephine Ahern

Pam Britton

Sharon Elliott – Governance and Remuneration Chair

Dr Jacqui King -Audit and Risk Chair

Christopher Miers

Shane Mullins

Frances Paterson-Fleider

Aaron Sorensen

Katherine Visini

George Zukiwskyj

Executive and Management:

Lizz Bott – Chief Executive Officer and Company Secretary