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Maintenance Forms

Emergency Weather

In flood or storm emergencies or extreme damage, the SES should be contacted on 132 500. See more details about when SES at http://www.emergency.qld.gov.au/ses/about/what-we-do.html.

Check updates on weather and warnings at http://www.bom.gov.au/.


Urgent Maintenance

It is the priority of the Jacaranda Housing team to have all maintenance responded to within the timeframes prescribed in the document, which can be downloaded below.

If you require urgent maintenance within business hours, please contact the Jacaranda Housing office.

For urgent maintenance outside of business hours, please refer to the relevant trades person on your lease or for unit common areas body corporate contacts may be contacted. Our after hours emergency number is : 0408 798 951

Emergency Maintenance Contacts


Non-Urgent Maintenance
Maintenance Request Form

We require all non-urgent maintenance to be provided in written form, in order to provide accurate and appropriate action. We can accept this in a number of ways –

1. Print the  form, scan and email to info@jacarandahousing.com.au
2. Print and post to PO BOX 64, Brisbane Market, ROCKLEA Q 4106
3. Submit details below