The Jacaranda Housing 2019 Tenant Satisfaction Survey opened in February. Jacaranda Housing sought feedback from tenants to assist us to improve the way we deliver our work and the services we provide to you, our valued tenants.

Satisfaction with Jacaranda Housing

Key Results


  • 73% of tenants are satisfied or very satisfied overall with our services. (10% neutral, 16% dissatisfied)
  •  73% of tenants found the staff to be helpful or extremely helpful when contacted for assistance. (16% somewhat helpful, 10% not at all helpful)


  • 64% of tenants are satisfied or very satisfied with the condition of their property. (16% neutral, 19% dissatisfied)
  • 57% of tenants are satisfied or very satisfied with the repairs and maintenance services provided by Jacaranda Housing. (16% neutral, 26% dissatisfied)
  • 80% of tenants are satisfied or very satisfied with contractors conduct while onsite when engaged to provide repair and maintenance services. (6% neutral, 12% dissatisfied)

 Community and Tenant Engagement

  • 54% of tenants were either satisfied or very satisfied with the way Jacaranda Housing involves tenants in the organisation. (30% neutral, 16% dissatisfied or very dissatisfied)
  • 64% of tenants were either satisfied or very satisfied with how Jacaranda Housing communicates with tenants. (23% neutral, 13% dissatisfied or very dissatisfied)

About the survey

Jacaranda Housing offers a tenant survey every two years. We use the findings to get to know our tenants, improve our services and make sure we are providing housing and services which meet our tenants’ needs.

This year we launched the survey in February, with a total of 38% of tenants responding.  We are pleased with the response rate which is an increase of 56% from when the survey was last offered. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to fill in the survey and returned to Jacaranda Housing.

How can we improve?

The 2019 survey shows there is a very small proportion of tenants who feel disconnected, unsatisfied and who don’t feel confident in their housing.

Jacaranda Housing will continue to work on engaging with these tenants and offer referrals to support services. Our aim is to always improve upon the services, housing improvements and opportunities offered at Jacaranda Housing.

The survey also identified the areas for our improvement:

  • More Housing:  Tenants want to see more housing, new housing and other housing options which we are strategically working towards in the future. Tenants will be included in discussions around Jacaranda Housing’s future housing needs.
  • Complaints handling: 60% of tenants said they know how to make a complaint about our services with 30% neutral. 10% said they do not know how to make a complaint. We are working towards ensuring ALL our tenants know how to make a genuine complaint about our services, and we will improve how we make tenants aware of how to access our Complaints and Feedback service.
  • Dealing with unreasonable behaviour: Our tenants want to attend and participate in meetings without feeling afraid and overwhelmed or having to be exposed to unreasonable behaviour of others in attendance. We are listening to this valuable feedback and are working towards implementing pathways for this to be achieved in a fair and transparent manner.
  • Where else can we improve: Stories we have in our Newsletter. Tenants have asked for staff and tenant bios and they want to know good news stories about our tenants and the organisation! They also want to know what’s happening in their local communities. We have taken on all the feedback received in relation to our Newsletter and will ensure that we include as many suggestions as we can.
  • Moving Forward: From here we will create a plan of action to address areas of concern and to continue the work we are shining in.

We would like to thank our tenants who took the time to fill in the survey and returned to Jacaranda Housing.