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New housing officer

Say a very big hello to Ashleigh Duffield who has joined the Jacaranda team as our new housing officer.  Ashleigh brings a wealth of experience to the team having worked  for the Queensland Government Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy as well as in the private real estate, community housing sectors.  Ashleigh has hit …

COVID-19 boosters

It’s important to keep your COVID-19 vaccinations up-to-date, which means having all boosters you are eligible for. Getting boosters will provide an extra layer of protection against COVID-19. All Queenslanders aged 16 and over who have had 2 COVID-19 vaccine doses more than 3 months ago should get a third COVID-19 vaccine dose (first booster). People aged …

Office update

Our office building was severley impacted by the floods and has had to be closed until further notice.  Although we have had to close our office, we are still here working for you.  If you need to speak to a member of the Jacaranda Housing team please call us on 3392 8848 or email  …

Spring 2020 news

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Autumn 2016

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